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About the Doris Day Animal League

What We Do

The Doris Day Animal League's overriding mission is to reduce the pain and suffering of non-human animals through legislative initiatives, education, and programs to enforce statutes and regulations which have already been enacted protecting animals. We strongly encourage the spaying and neutering of companion animals.

DDAL activities can be summarized in four specific action programs:

  1. Development of national, state and local legislation that will minimize the inhumane treatment of animals,
  2. Petitions to the President asking for his support of protective legislation,
  3. Identification and support of innovative state initiatives that will reduce animal suffering,
  4. Networking with other animal protection groups to promote common goals.

DDAL was founded in 1987 by Doris Day, one of the world's most-loved and most-honored women.

Doris Day Animal League is a nonprofit, national, citizen's lobbying organization working to improve the humane treatment of animals. In September 2006 we entered into a corporate combination with The Humane Society of the United States. We work with the U.S. Congress, government agencies, and state and local officials, to pass new laws and enforce existing laws that reduce the suffering of animals anywhere they are mistreated.


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